Bon Secours Services for Sleep Disorders


One third of Americans suffers from a sleep disorder and cannot get a good night's sleep.

More than 80 disorders of sleeping and waking can result in diminished quality of life and health, and more than one-third of all adults suffer from some sleep disruption.For many people, sleep disorders are severe enough to cause serious, even life threatening medical problems. Symptoms can range from the very mild to the quite obvious so it's important to remember that any interruption in normal sleep patterns is an indication of a sleep disorder.

Our comfortable, sleep disorder centers are state-of-the-art medical facilities designed to evaluate and treat people with sleep disturbances or sleep-related problems. The team of experts behind the sleep program includes a comprehensive collection of neurologists board certified in sleep medicine, pulmonologists specializing in lung diseases and sleep medicine, and even weight loss and pain management specialists. We offer a variety of diagnostic and treatment options for acute and chronic disorders

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