Bon Secours Hospice Services

Hospice Care

Bon Secours Hospice is about compassionate care. This ideal has guided us during almost 30 years of helping thousands of patients and their families. Our experience with end-of-life care has shown us that honesty and heartfelt kindness are as important as sound medical care.

At Bon Secours, hospice is not tied to a place. We serve people in many sites – their homes, hospitals and assisted-living or nursing facilities. We build close relationships based on trust, respect and an appreciation for each individual’s inherent dignity. Hospice care is comprehensive, embracing physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Our team includes physicians, nurses, nurse assistants, social workers, chaplains and volunteers.

Bon Secours Hospice is about people – patients and families -- and doing all we can to provide them with comfort, strength and support when it is needed most.