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A Big Hit at the 2017 Successful Aging Forum

Successful Aging Forum with Tony Orlando Recap

Once again, Tony Orlando was a huge success as the keynote speaker at the SeniorHealth 2017 Successful Aging Forum. Always wanting to be close to the audience, Tony walked among the tables talking to those in attendance. He entertained us by joking with Julius Delbridge, a performance specialist from Bon Secours InMotion, and made him actually show what he could do on stage. He also invited one guest, Norman Soroko, who has been a fan for years and brought an original record, (yes record) onstage, that he signed. Tony also paid special tribute to Ercell Jackson, the first Senior Hero winner, who was celebrating her 94th birthday on May 11 and continues to stay active by working in her yard.

Ask a DocThe expert panel, moderated by local, medical expert, Kathryn Barrett, was different and phenomenal. Although we had to adjust because one physician had an emergency the day of, and could not attend, the panel flowed perfectly with each question and showed how different areas of healthcare, such as orthopaedics, nutrition, and mission work together to impact not only your health, but can work within your life. “I was very impressed with the panel and the information given this year,” said Joanne Merinar, Healthy Communities Lead for Bon Secours, “and Kathryn did a phenomenal job.” Special thanks to Dr. Ernesto Luciano-Perez, Judy Mitnick MS RD CDE, and Pam Phillips MBA MAPT, who tied all aspects of orthopaedics, nutrition, community and mission together. This was really impactful and really showed why Bon Secours reaches out and why they are committed to making a difference in community said Joanne.

Successful Aging Forum Car-FitDid you get the chance to visit the new Good Life Café at the 2017 Successful Aging Forum in May? The Good Life Café included a variety of hands-on experiences, personal interactions, and demonstrations. And how about The Pink Ride golf cart and the AAA Tidewater Virginia Car-Fit station? (Special thanks to Checkered Flag for providing the car.) The Good Life Café was phenomenal. It wasn’t just a “go by the exhibitors.” It was actually an interactive experience for everyone who attended. I signed up to win the Pink Ride golf cart…did you?

I also know that as I’m getting older, I need to make sure I understand all of the up-to-date technology on my car. Do you know how to get the oil percentage and when you should change it? I will honestly say that “I don’t,” and there’s so much more I need to learn about my car — there are so many buttons and options on new cars. Keep an eye out in upcoming issues of the GoodHealth Magazine and our website for the date when AAA returns to do a SeniorHealth Car-Fit event. The day ended with door prizes generously donated by the many exhibitors, standing ovations, many smiles, and lasting memories for everyone in attendance.

Humana presentation in GoodLife Café at the Successful Aging ForumAre you between the ages of 50 and 65? I am, and we are planning some new events geared toward us “younger baby-boomers.” Be sure to visit our website and Facebook page for news about upcoming active, educational, and fun events just for you.


Please join us for the Summer Celebration Luau Lunch & Learn in August, as well as the Norfolk Zoo trip in September (dates and times are in this issue). Just a quick note, the GoodHealth magazine will return to its regular format with the September issue.