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Bedside Medication Delivery

Bon Secours Pharmacies Deliver

You’re being discharged from the hospital and you are given prescriptions that need to be filled. That used to mean a trip to the pharmacy, standing in line, waiting for them to be filled…and finally, getting home to relax and continue healing. At Bon Secours Hampton Roads, we make your journey from hospital to home a little easier.
Bon Secours Hampton Roads pharmacies now provide bedside medication delivery service. This ensures that all of our patients are safely discharged home on the correct medications. The Bon Secours Retail Pharmacist at your hospital reviews all necessary information, including patient labs and physician notes, while you are in the hospital. External pharmacies are not able to provide this continuum of care because they do not have access to your medical information.

In addition, if there are payment concerns, the Bon Secours Retail Pharmacists are able to work directly with your physicians and drug manufacturers to solve these issues prior to the patient leaving the hospital rather than have the patient spend hours or days trying to navigate through these payment challenges after he or she has left the hospital.

Mark DeAngelo, PharmD, MBA, BSEE
Director of Pharmacy Services
Bon Secours DePaul Medical Center
Hampton Roads Outpatient Pharmacies
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