Advocating for Better Healthcare


As Healthcare Ministry, Bon Secours advocates for causes that improve the overall health of the communities we serve.

The efforts in the 115th Congress of the United States have centered on repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act (ACA). To date, Congress has not been successful. Passed in 2009, the ACA set in motion several important changes to Medicare and Medicaid. Most importantly, the ACA called for states to expand Medicaid to more low income patients, with the cost almost entirely paid for by the Federal Government. Virginia has not passed legislation to allow for Medicaid expansion.

The ACA also includes many quality measures that encourage health care providers to improve outcomes while reducing the overall cost of care. Bon Secours is a leader in those quality improvements and we are proud of our employees that provide exceptional care each and every day.

With that said, there are number of policy issues that are under consideration by Congress.

  • With more than 10 Million Americans relying on the Health Insurance Marketplace, Bon Secours supports efforts to stabilize the Marketplace.
  • The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) should be reauthorized to provide millions of low income children healthcare coverage.
  • Urban and rural hospitals that serve a disproportionate (higher) share (DSH) of uninsured patients are at risk of losing funding. Bon Secours supports delaying the Medicaid cuts to DSH.
  • 340B Drug Pricing Program — DSH hospitals currently receive rebates from the drug companies that allow us to serve more low income patients. Bon Secours supports the continuation of the 340B program.

Bon Secours Ministries and our 12,000 employees serve Virginia with compassionate care and we support these advocacy goals. We are committed to improved access to care, improved health outcomes and sensible ways to reduce the cost of providing care.

~ Thom Prevette, Director
BSHR Advocacy & Community Affairs