Bon Secours SeniorHealth

SeniorHealth Answering Phone

The Bon Secours SeniorHealth team is a group of dedicated, experienced, and resourceful professionals, working in all areas of SeniorHealth services and Healthy Communities in the Hampton Roads and Richmond area. Combined they bring a wealth of experience that make SeniorHealth services, activities, and special events high quality and successful. Helping to provide all the services and run the events are the wonderful SeniorHealth volunteers.

The SeniorHealth team puts together and edits GoodHealth Magazine which is printed quarterly. They work hard putting together the best senior-focused events each year; the Successful Aging Forum, and Lunch & Learn. They bring in special guest speakers, line up corporate sponsors, and run the events, concentrating on providing a great time for all those in attendance. They are also responsible for lining up all the trips and events for active seniors. All of this is part of the free SeniorHealth Membership program.

Bon Secours SeniorHealth is looking forward to making your SeniorHealth experience a fun and exciting adventure. If you're interested in being a part of this exciting program, you can sign up online, or call us at 888.490.9355.